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Please let us know:

  1. What Size Table You Have
  2. If There Will Be Any Stairs
  3. 1 or 3 Piece Slate


We move pool tables in the Las Vegas Area. We have the right tools, skill and experience to make a smooth move.


To have your pool table moved right you need to choose the right guys for the job.


We also specialize in pool table re-felting and repair.

Quick Tips For A Smooth Pool Table Move

Getting a pool table moved doesn’t have to be a big deal or a drawn out event. When you a hire a professional pool table mover to get the job done, all the details and heavy lifting is on us. We will make sure that your table is properly dis-assembled, transported and set up properly for you but there are some things that you can do to help the process go smoothly.

When you call to set up a date and time to get you pool table moved have the following information available:

  • The Size Of The Pool Table (ex. 9 ft by 4 1/2 ft OR 8 ft by 4 ft)
  • The Brand Or Name Of The Manufacturer (ex. Olhausen or Brunswick)
  • Type Of Pockets (either the ball falls in the pocket and stays there (drop pockets) OR it returns to a central area (automatic ball return)
  • Will There Be Stairs Involved (actual staircases not referring to a couple of steps down a porch)
  • The Specific Location Or Locations (have street addresses on hand)

Having this information ready when you book your pool table move will ensure that the process plays out smoothly.

We Serve All Of The Greater Las Vegas Area


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Downtown/ The Strip

Serving the downtown strip and all casinos and bars, we also provide pool table re-felting and repair.

North Las Vegas

Proving reliable billiards services to all of North Vegas including Nellis Air Force Base


Get your pool table moved by a pro in Paradise Nevada, including the airport and Southern Strip


If you need dependable pool table serves in Enterprise then look no further.

Sun Rise Manor

Providing billiards service to all of Sunrise Manor and Clark County, Nevada.

Spring Valley

Call the best pool table movers Spring Valley Nevada has to offer.

Boulder City

Billiards moving, repair, installation and upgrades in Boulder City, NV

Pro Pool Table Movers Las Vegas Nevada

Hire A Professional

The proper way to have a pool table moved is to hire a pro. A trained and experienced pool table mover will carefully dis-assemble a pool table, prepare the pieces for transportation and re-install it while making sure that the playing surface is level and true.

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To get a good pool table moving experience call us now. We are a better choice than looking for a cheap pool table mover on Craigslist and a general moving company just doesn’t have the experience or know-how to get the job done right. There are specialty moving companies for everything even piano movers Las Vegas but you need the right guys with supplies to do a pool table repair right there on the fly in case there is unseen damage uncovered during the move.


CALL (702) 960-1876 today for a free quote.

We provide pool table moving to the entire Las Vegas Valley and Clark County, Nevada.