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What We Do

We move, repair, and recover pool tables. Its a specialized trade so we focus on those three things alone.

Moving a pool table is pretty basic:

  1. Disassemble the table, including removal of the table top (felt is removed also).
  2. Transport to where ever the table is being moved – whether it’s into the next room of across town.
  3. Reassemble – Put it all back together.
  4. Leveling – Ensure that the pool table is level for playing

That’s really all there is to moving a pool table properly.

Pool Table Repairs – Mostly Due To Normal Wear & Tear

  1. Replace table covering (felt)
  2. Replace some or all of the pockets
  3. Replace the side cushions (the side surface that the balls bounce off of)
  4. Re-leveling
  5. Replace broken/cracked slate (underneath the felt table top)

Pool Table Recovering (New cloth/felt)

Replacing the felt cloth that covers the table top is one of the fastest and easiest ways to bring a pool table back to life.

Choose between a wide variety of colors and qualities.

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