Billiard Repair Services | Felt, Pockets, Cushions | Hire A Pro

Complete Pool Table Repair:

  • Recovering and Re-felting – Remove old or damaged felt and replace with new felt the color of your choice.
  • New Pockets – Replace old worn out pockets with brand new ones.
  • Reveling – Adjust and level the pool table to specifications.
  • New Cushions – Great way to bring back proper bounce.
  • Slate Replacement – Remove and replace damaged slate.

New Felt – Easy Fix – Table Looks Great Again

Installing new cloth/felt is a quick and easy way to breathe new life back into an older table. It also improves to playing surface enormously, bringing smoothness and creating a great place for the balls tho glide across.

A Dispaly Of Different Pool Table Cloth Colors

You Don’t Need Deep Pockets To Get New Ones

Old and worn out pool table pockets can be a drag not to mention you can lose your balls. Visit our pool table moving home page.