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Billiards Felt Repair and Replace

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Spruce Up Your Pool Table With New Felt

Get new felt for you older pool table and make it feel like new again. We have a wide range of colors and quality felt. Everything from ‘Championship‘ felt to the highly coveted ‘Simonis’ felt which is the best money can buy. If your pool table felt is worn down or even ripped or damaged, now is a good time to have new felt installed.

If you plan on having your pool table moved anytime soon then you should also plan on getting new felt at that time. When a pool table is moved the felt and slate are removed in most cases, this means that you can save money on labor since the felt is already going to be off the table. When your pool table is being installed in the new location we can put it back together with brand new felt. We can also take care of any pool table repairs that you may need, like repairing or replacing a damaged pocket.

Please call us if you are considering getting new felt or need your pool table moved any where in Las Vegas or the surrounding counties.